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KLA has been servicing Chicagoland with outstanding service for the last 30 years.  We have done countless festivals and festival-type block parties with acts ranging from the local talent to national tpuring acts.  We have systems designed to meet any demand from small speakers on stands to concert systems to support national acts.

Some of our equipment includes:

D.A.S Aero 40A Line array | All Crown power and DBX processing  | Yahama digital ls9 M7CL PM5D and CL5 | Midas X32 and pro 3 desks | Digi Design | Customized racks designed to meet your show requirements | RF Systems, Wireless Mic and IEM


Lighting is one of the most important things to consider in planning your event.  Lighting can add the to atmosphere you are looking for.  We have done ESPN boxing lighting in Chicago for the last 7 years, as well as rock shows and Spanish events.   Our lighting department takes your event very seriously.  The system will be built to match the requirements of the act and venue.  

Some Equipment we have in house:

Martin Mac 550, 600, 700, 2K  |  Elation 5R platinum beam  |  Applied Dimming  |  1018 LED par cans  |  Avolite Desks  |  ETC S4 fixtures  |  DV3000 watt Strobe lights  |  Thomas and Tomcat truss systems


SOUND SYSTEM REPAIR: We offer repair on your sound system.  Give us a call and we can set up a time for you to drop off your equipment for repair of a single component, or the entire system for us to set up and test.  System too big to take to us? NO PROBLEM! We make house calls.

LIGHTING REPAIR: We offer a wide range of lighting repair options for you.  Moving head lights and other intellegent lighting are expensive to buy.  We want you to get the full life out of your product.  In most cases, repair is a much less expensive alternative to replacing your fixtures. 

Is it time for an upgrade?  If you find your self with a mixer with 12 inputs and need more, speakers that are just not enough to cover your audience or venue size, or your system is just outdated, no problem! We can help.  We never oversell you on gear that we think you need.  We listen to you and get the best equipment to suit your needs.

SPEAKER RECONING: We repair all major brand names in audio such as JBL, EAW, EV, Peavey, and much more.

Along with the PRO line of speaker repair, we offer consumer speaker repair.  If you have a set of speakers at home that you loved, and now have the foam falling apart, or that you enjoyed once too loud, we can help.  If the parts are no longer available for your old speaker, we have countless kits that we can cross reference and find the next best thing.


We offer a 40×32 main deck stage.  Complete with 16×20 sound wings, or tower for a line array system, and a fully mortised roof structure.  The stage can be up to 5 feet tall.  Many other stage arrangements and styles also available.


KLA Offers show transport.  We have an experienced staff of truck drivers with the skill set to get the semi through the busy down town and in the venue dock.